Progressive Web App on TYPO3 CMS


PWA is the future of web development
Both ecommerce and CMS
Get your PWA

PWA feels just like Native Apps.
No more developing tons of apps for clients.

PWAs are websites which look and feel like an app and they have totally swooned the web development industry.
You can use it both with your ecommerce and CMS, giving your users best omnichannel experience.
PWA One for all

One for all

Work with all newest browsers and are compatible with any device, regardless of screen size and other specifications.

PWA Works offline

Work offline

Browse with weak network connection or even offline e.g. in airplane.

PWA is Fast


Take up less space and load much faster than native apps.

PWA is SEO Friendly

SEO friendly

Indexed well and rewarded by Google in search results better than websites without PWA. PWAs are highly recognized in Lighthouse performance audits.

PWA is engaging


Responsive, user-friendly and interact with visitors by sending push notifications.

PWA doesn't need installation

No installation

To access PWA you only need to add it to your home screen. No complicated installation is required.


Build your new website on TYPO3 CMS using PWA or add PWA to your already existing portal. It’s super easy!

  • no need to put editors and marketing actions on hold
  • no data migration
  • no need for new installation
  • no change in content elements
  • significant raise in SEO and Customer Experience
Progressive Web App on TYPO3 CMS

The business benefits of CMS with PWA

Make your business available for everyone everywhere!
PWA incresaes conversion

Increased conversion

PWAs guarantee an increase in conversion rates and decreased in bounce rate. User spends more time actually browsing the page than waiting for it to load.

PWA lower costs

Lower costs

Instead of building 3 different applications for variuos environments and devices you only do one.

PWA works on mobile

Don't loose your audience

In 2018, 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through a mobile channel. The mobile channel is more intuitive for users and they spend there more time each year.

PWA makes customer experience

Build relation with your potential clients

PWAs are user-friendly just like regular native apps. They respond quickly, save data for offline reading and send push notifications. It’s easy to share content by only pasting the URL address.

PWA is better in SEO

Get ahead of competition

The mobile web audience has grown at skyrocketing pace and if you provide a better experience to a wider audience, you will get a competitive edge over the others (SEO!).

PWA is easy to install

Discoverability and easy installation

While search engines classify PWAs as applications, they are not distributed via app stores. These apps can be shared through a URL instead so they’re easily found. The installation is simple and entails visiting a site and adding it to a device home screen.

Success stories on the market

Why you should have it too.
Forbes is using PWA
Forbes is using PWA
Bullet point
100% more engagement
Bullet point
2x increase in average
user session length
Bullet point
20% ad viewability up
Twitter is using PWA
Twitter is using PWA
Bullet point
Engagement increase 60%
Bullet point
2x increase in average
user session length
Bullet point
User-generated and
revenue increased 44%
Pinterest is using PWA
Pinterest is using PWA
Bullet point
65% increase in pages per session
Bullet point
75% increase in tweets
Bullet point
20% decrease in bounce rate

Clients say about us

Raben is using TYPO3 CMS
We requested several changes and had a long approval process, which extended the project by several months, but Macopedia was flexible and committed to our work. They took initiative and didn’t require me to push them at any time. This also motivated me to find better solutions. Their proactive nature made our collaboration very good.
Katarzyna Bartkiewicz
Raben, Digital Marketing Manager
TYPO3 CMS logo
They’re an extremely valuable asset and people are happy with the software they built. We now have proper technical implementation and everybody who is using the component is satisfied. The project is definitely a success. The feedback was that they worked on time, on budget, within the specified quality limits. Someone else said that if anything goes south, we’ll call Macopedia and they’ll be able to fix it.
Mathias Schreiber
Pearson is using TYPO3 CMS
They are led by a very impressive technology directory, and have a team of experienced developers who are very focused and knowledgeable. I was also impressed by their use of agile methodology and focus during scrum sprints.
Piotr Lapińśki
Pearson, eMarketing Manager

Macopedia Agile Software House

We are Top B2B company in Poland, delivering technologies and business solutions to our clients worldwide. We will become a partner you can trust with your business online.
Macopedia is Top B2B Company in Poland base on Clutch
Macopedia is Top Developers Company in Poland base on Clutch
Macopedia is growing rapidly
From 10 years we’ve been growing really rapidly
Macopedia Team is over 30 people
Over 30 brilliant people in #macopediateam
Macopedia works strict with a clients
Absolutely enjoyable contact with clients
Macopedia is an expert in TYPO3 and Magento
Experts in TYPO3 CMS and Magento Ecommerce
Macopedia works in digitalization process
Eager to support clients in their digitization process

We are official Solution Partner of TYPO3

We are official TYPO3 Agency Solution Partner
We are TYPO3 Silver member
Omnichannel experience

Omnichannel experience

Headless content management systems are all about omni-channel delivery experience. Consumers are making use of more devices and channels than ever before, and brands simply have to meet them there in order to provide quality omni-channel customer experiences.

Headless CMS

If the traditional CMS is body, its head are front-end components like the front-end framework and templating system. CMS without these is a headless CMS. Because headless CMS has no default front-end system, presentation of the content to the end user is not determined at all. We also should remember that content delivery is crucial to be sure the app runs smoothly, for instance Progressive Web Apps

Headless CMS
Content as a service

Content as Service

The headless approach to CMS allows to provide Caas - content as a service. It means that content storage and delivery are handled by separate software. From a technical point of view, it is basically the ability for services, sites and applications to request content via a web service from a normalized and centralized repository. The services, sites and applications are decoupled from the repository.

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